What Are Online Data Warehouses?

A data warehouse is a cloud-based central repository that collects information from varied sources. It lets businesses spot patterns, identify efficiencies, and make better business decisions. It takes time to cross-check various systems and extract reliable, consistent data -especially when the data is in flux or massive.

As opposed to a data lakes, that allows you to dump all types of raw data (structured and unstructured) to be used in future scenarios, a data warehouse keeps an enormous collection of organized and clean business information in aggregate summary form (fitting into columns and rows) ready for business intelligence processes. The data is extracted using a structured query language (SQL) and the database is designed to meet specific requirements of the business.

Digital marketing agencies make use of online data warehouses to pull data from a variety of sources and present customers with a an integrated view of their performance. This allows to make educated decisions that will positively impact their bottom line and produce the best results to their clients.

The best way to grasp the data warehouse online is to think of it as a tank of water that is set up to provide the clean water (data and analysis) requirements of a specific household. Let’s imagine a bicycle maker wants to understand more about its existing customer base. The company could access its data warehouse to learn about the gender, age, whereabouts, and buying habits. This information can dataroomtechs.info/acquisition-life-cycle-model-overview help the manufacturer of bicycles to develop and market new models of bicycles that are more relevant for its intended customers.

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